Mobile Impact

Our tenet is to deploy customized teams with the skills to efficiently solve your problems. To that end, we utilize seasoned professionals with strong analytical capabilities, superior project leadership abilities, and the know-how to get things done. We define and document objectives, and execute on project activities. Further, our team members have diverse backgrounds that bring insight from varied industries and functional organizations to create multi-faceted viewpoints.

Our technology development includes system engineering, product design/development, semiconductor development, application software specification, and system implementation and verification. Our business and operational background includes program/project management, product management, engineering and operational management, supply chain management, and product marketing.

It is the quality of our employees that drives our trusted relationships. These teams have proven successful in delivering results beyond the initial expectations of our clients. Our business model enables us to support an individual project or to lead entire cross-functional program from concept through design, installation, verification, and launch. Our nimble organization allows us the flexibility to adapt to changing market needs and project conditions in real-time.

Our services include: