Mobile Impact

Education technology (Edtech) has become a core enabler for K-12 education. As computing and communications devices increasingly enter the classroom with a multitude of hardware and software platforms, school boards are striving to provide content-rich, digital-access learning solutions inside and outside the campus. To support this, education technology is undergoing a major modernization to enable reliable delivery, exchange, and consumption of digital multimedia content. These modernized Edtech systems will enable teachers and administrators to provide personalized learning solutions, launch Internet-based assessments, address changing regulatory and curriculum requirements, support portable devices, and connect student information systems to the learning environment.

Further, as digital curriculum becomes mainstream, students with limited or no Internet access outside the classroom are put at a disadvantage, thereby creating a digital divide that can only be addressed by Anyone-Anywhere-Anytime ("ANY3") capabilities. Not only do the legacy systems need to be upgraded to enable digital curricula and address current shortcomings, but they must be positioned to securely provide ANY3 capabilities. To address this evolving challenge, school districts must incorporate broadband cellular/LTE access as a key element of connectivity, both within the school campus domain and off school grounds. This capability must be integrated into short-term modernization efforts that are currently underway. Only then will these modernization projects be able to leverage the addition of cellular/LTE support to provide enhanced on- or near-campus coverage and increased bandwidth, in addition to the benefits of wide-area access.

To enable Modernization and to create an effective digital learning environment, these next generation Education technology systems will require the scalability, reliability, and performance demanded of “enterprise-grade” networks to provide bandwidth, security, and privacy. In addition, network-grade architectures and equipment are formulated with robust management capabilities, access control facilities, and provisioning systems to simplify the maintenance of this complex system. MI Consultants is adept at bringing together solutions to maximize the utilization of these capabilities and will provide the knowledge to minimize user frustration and incorporate ease of use elements allowing faculty and students to focus on learning.

MI Consultants have provided services to Fortune 100 companies since our founding, giving us the insight and background to design and implement scalable, enterprise-grade systems. Couple this with our substantial knowledge in wireless systems and our designs provide an evolution path towards ANY3 (i.e. cellular/LTE) connectivity that is consistent with the uniqueness of the education technology marketplace. Our services combine to deliver robust network performance on supported devices enabling teachers to maximize their students learning potential while removing the obstacles that hinder efficient and effective access and content delivery. We will develop a strategy to assure District initiatives and achieve School Board goals, regulatory requirements, and performance specifications, thereby, positioning school districts to be on the forefront of digital learning, in and out of the classroom.

MI Consultants will modernize installed networks by first identifying system shortcomings, conducting user focus groups, and then providing systems engineering designs and implementation services. Our engineering services can include specifying architectures, designing systems, specifying configurations, identifying equipment/software, and deploying upgrades to provide the desired system performance and capabilities. We can generate and manage requirements that are developed in conjunction with school stakeholders and are based on use-case models. We can apply our business acumen to leverage these requirements into E-Rate funding requests and vendor RFPs. Our implementation services include project management and deployment test/tune-up to effectively plan, execute, and verify solutions. MI Consultants also provides the development and implementation of faculty and staff training programs to assure rapid and frustration-free adoption of the new system capabilities.

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