Mobile Impact

The rapid adoption of mobile devices in enterprises and the advent of multiple devices per employee have combined to create an administration and security challenge for IT departments. The challenges turn exponential when coupled with the enormous choice of devices, managing the policies for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), and using devices for both enterprise and personal use. To counter this, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems have become essential to provide IT departments with the ability to control network access, secure corporate information, offer appropriate applications, and manage lost/stolen devices. Further, EMM enables: privacy of user data (including dual-persona device support), corporate network control and monitoring, device wipe to secure lost devices or employee departure, access policy management, sales force automation, enterprise resource management system access, device provisioning, service management, internal application distribution and storefront management, and email management.

These complex systems require both network element support and device client software. There are numerous suppliers and configurations that must be considered in the deployment. Each of the suppliers’ configuration will be OMA-DM standards based, but the standard has built in flexibility that must be understood and specified in the appropriate context for each deployment. Further, many solutions can be integrated into existing IT systems or provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) complicating the implementation and integration. The specification, selection, and integration of such varied elements is a hallmark of our background in systems engineering, requirements gathering, design specification, and verification.

Additionally, MI Consultants have been engaged in complementary projects that include defining policy management, defining device management solutions, and defining access management. Our expertise includes services specifying both servers and devices, allowing us to support to our Clients with end-to-end solutions to implement and deploy their mobility management systems. Our engineering services can include business strategy/policy development, system and device requirements development, specifying configurations, identifying equipment/software, defining system performance, vendor management and RFP execution, and test/validation of solutions.

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